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Traffic Data Collection

Classified Turning Movement Count

Intersection Classified Turning Movement Count (TMC):  This type of traffic count is manually collected utilizing hand held electronic or mechanic traffic counters. The field personnel visually observes the number of approaching vehicles, trucks, emergency vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians on each of the intersection approaches. The information is then recorded on the counter for a extended period of time, typically a two hour period each during both the morning and the afternoon commute peak hours of adjacent traffic. The data collected include turning movement volumes and vehicle classification typically distributed in 15-minute intervals. Roadway geometric, lane assignments, traffic control devices, signing and pavement markings, traffic signal timings (if signalized) and any special traffic operation conditions are also noted during the data collection. TMC is typically collected during the normal weekday periods, excluding holidays and weekends. Our professional staff has extensive  experience in performing TMC Counts.

Queue Length Data

Addoz Engineering Inc. has the service capability in collecting vehicle queue data and performing queue analyses at signalized and un-signalized intersection and at facilities such as restaurant drive through lanes to determine the maximum existing queues and to estimate future queuing needs for lane storage design.

Travel Time and Delay Data

These studies are usually performed to determine potential benefits of corridor improvements in reducing travel delays and shortening travel times that would result from signal timing synchronization or other traffic

improvement measures. The before and after run data are collected to compare the performance improvements along a study corridor. The floating vehicle method is typically used in these types of studies.  Addoz Engineering Inc. has specially trained staff who is capable of performing the above data collection tasks.

Parking Inventory Data

Including on-street and off-street parking inventory to determine available parking stalls to complete the supply / demand analysis


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